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RH & Temperature DataLogger

RH & Temperature DataLogger

Ultra Long Range; Extremely Low Power Consumption, Wireless Dataloggers for Environmental Monitoring


π Net is based on Polmon's proprietary wireless protocol that operates in 865-867 MHz and offers best in class signal penetration for gap free communication

Ultralong range using a simple star network. Easy installation & trouble shooting

Each π Net base station supports 15 π Net transmitters

π Net Data loggers are plug and play with minimal configuration

π Net eliminates cabling cost

Loggers can be repositioned based on changing requirements


Measures Rh & Temperature

Rh +/- 2 %;
Temperature: +/- 0.30C

4 AA Energizer L91 battery

Typical battery life of 9 months

Easily replaceable probe

64MB records memory

Extendable probe available

Network Architecture

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