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Digital DP Gauge – DPT-56

Digital DP Gauge


The “DIGITAL DP GAUGE (DPT56)” Is specially designed to measure difference between two pressures and to transmit current signal to the process indicators or through OPTO Isolated RS485 communication to data loggers or control action by relay output, which can help the user to monitor the DP and to take necessary actions to maintain the room conditions as per the requirement or application



Pharmaceutical industry

Blood Banks



Direct Plug in Replacement to Analog Gauges with Digital Display

Opto Isolated RS485 (MODBUS / Proprietary)

4-20 mA Retransmission Output

Channel Display with 0.39" Seven Segment Red LED Display

Optional Clean Room compatible SS Flush Mountable Faceplate

User Configurable Inbuilt Buzzer

Password Protected Programming and other programming modes

Software Calibration

Network Architecture

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