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Zone1 Remote Monitors and HMI

Zone 1 Remote Monitors & HMI

The Polmon FLP HMI 1010 Human Machine Interface is designed to meet the requirements of operator interface to monitor and control systems such as PLC / DCS. This 10 inch HMI is specially designed for Life Sciences industries and suitable for use in Zone 1, Zone 2, Gas Gr IIA, IIB Hazardous Area.

The Polmon rPC 1200 is a remote monitor with integrated intrinsically safe keyboard and mouse, 18.5 inch FLP monitor suitable for use in Zone 1, Zone 2, Gas Gr I, IIA and IIB Hazardous areas. Wide Screen Monitor makes it possible to remotely view SCADA screens from the shop floor, operator can control and monitor any process in the shop floor. It utilizes highly secure remote monitoring protocol over Ethernet / IP.

Valve Status & Feedback Indication,
Auto Flushing during Changeover,
Process Interlocks
The equipment status Board has 7" TFT Graphical Colour LCD Display and Flexible in displaying the customised text.