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48 Channel Datalogger

48 Channel Datalogger

DAQ4000 is a 48 Channel data logger. Data can be transfered to PiSCADA over Ethernet. The data logger along with the PiSCADA system adheres to all the requirements of 21CFR Part 11. Printer output and USB are also available for Data transfer. All the required configurations can be programmed from the PiSCADA system.


Store and forward feature enables gap free data logging in the event of PiSCADA failure

Power on, power off, communication failure events are recorded




Reactor process parameters


Data center

Cold room etc...


Inbuilt Memory: 21600 Records

Ethernet communication

48 Analog Inputs(AI)(RTD/0-1//0-10V)

Inbuilt RTC, stamps each data packet with real time & date

Displays Process Values in Alphanumeric Backlit LCD display

2 alarms per channel

1 Relay output for Alarm

USB data export via PDF and CSV

Remotely configurable from PiSCADA Software or from front panel

Extensive diagnostics to help in trouble shooting

Fast sampling and generation of alarm

RS232 for Dot matrix printer

No data lost incase of printer failure

Network Architecture

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