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Hot Water System

Hot Water System

For pharmaceutical process, heating and drying

Works continuously

Requires minimal maintenance

Efficient control


Compact and complete solution

Design, engineering, manufacturing and instrumentation under one roof

Customized advanced temperature controller with DCS connectivity

Skid mounted system for ease of installation

Versatile heating controls for consistent and desired temperatures

Advanced condensate removal technique

Instantaneous results


Instant output - Hot water generation is instantaneously available for fluctuating process loads and urgent demands

Less energy consumption - System designed with heat exchangers with very high heat transfer rates and efficiency

Least cost of ownership - Inexpensive solution in terms of initial capital costs, installation, operation control with safety and maintenance

Highly reliable - Ensures accurate hot water temperature demanded by most of the temperature sensitive drying processes

Compact yet efficient - Up to 75% less space required for installation when compared to conventional hot water tank heating systems

Network Architecture

Technical Specifications
Process / Drying
Temperature Range
RT to 95°C
Type of Heat Exchanger
PHE / Shell and Plate / Shell and Tube or Electrical Heater
Utility Requirement
Steam or electrical power supply
MOC of Internal piping and components
Mild steel / Carbon steel / SS304 or SS316
Type of Pumps
Seal or seal-less
System Accuracy
± 2°C
Condensate Pumping system
Automatic Pumping Trap
Temperature Controller
Advanced controller having an unique feature and no need of secondary controller for activating the safety cut off valve
Area of classifications
Safe & hazardous area
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