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Multi Loop Controller – MLC 45

Multi Loop Controller – MLC 45

Multi Logic Controller with built-in Analog and Digital I/Os is a cost-effective alternative to PLC. It can be tailored to control reactor temperature, hot water skids or AHUs. The device can be interfaced via MODBUS to SCADA for monitoring and data logging.


Multi Loop Controller for
- Process Control
- Reactor Control and Safety
- SFHTS Control (Single Fluid Heat Transfer System)

Stainless steel enclosures for outdoor installations can also be ordered with Flame Proof (FLP) enclosure for use in Ex zones, clean rooms

The unit can be programmed for On / Off and PI control methods with field configurable Input and Output Logic configuration

Zone I remote I/O station

Dual RS 485 communication with MODBUS for
- RS 485 communication with MODBUS for HMI Interface
- RS 485 (1) communication with MODBUS for PLC / DCS interface

Non volatile flash memory for storing program parameters

Field feature: Enhanced Debugging protocol incorporated in the system

User friendly
- Keypad - Magnetic Keys
- Display interface - 4 Line Alphanumeric Display for viewing process values, Status of input / output and diagnostic messages

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