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Door Interlocking System

Door Interlocking System

In clean room areas, personnel going from an unclassified area to a classified area are required to pass through a series of rooms. In each room, certain stringent steps need to be followed. This procedure ensures that the person is not carrying any external contamination into the process area. It also makes sure the pressure in each room is maintained before opening of door.

Supports maximum of 8 doors

Supports emergency stations

Sequence of door interlocking is field configurable

Delay between door openings is field configurable from 0 to 99 sec

Non-volatile flash memory to store programmed parameters

D/I provided to take feedback from BMS in case of fire

Supports access control module interface in place of push button stations

Connects to fire alarm system in case of fire

Having feature of connecting to Fire Alarming System in case of fire

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