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Battery Digital DP Gaugex – DPI53

Battery Digital DP Gaugex


Digital DP Gauge (Model.No.DPI-53) is designed to measure difference between two pressures In Clean Rooms replacing the conventional Analog Gauge to eliminate the inherent problems. Operates with AA, Duracell, 1.5V, 4 No’s batteries and a minimum of 18 Months Battery life with 1 Sec update Rate.



Pharmaceutical industry

Blood Banks



Direct Plug in Replacement to Analog Gauges with Digital Display

Works with AA, 1.5V, 4No's Duracell batteries

Assured Minimum 18 Months battery Life

Eliminate Position sensitiveness

Ensures long-term stability

Optional Clean Room compatible SS Flush Mountable Faceplate

Programmable filter Constant

Temperature compensated DP Measurement

Software Calibration

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