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Handheld Clocks

Handheld Clocks

POLMON Wi-CLOCK is a handheld, portable, battery operated synchronized digital clock. It is the perfect solution for a wide range of applications where accurate, synchronized time is required. Wi-Clock is synchronized with UTC via GPS or with Polmon master clock at regular intervals.

It works on an internal, highly accurate temperature compensated RTC when synchronization with source is not available. It is also used for range, signal strength testing and setting up of Polmon clock network. Wi-Clock’s toughened plastic enclosure is designed for pharma clean room applications, laboratory applications etc.


Accuracy in standalone mode: ± 2min/year

GPS/Polmon Master Clock synchronization

Hand-held, portable, battery operated device

Auto/Manual synchronization

Programmable synchronization period

Works in stand-alone mode when source is not available

Ultralow power graphical LCD

Programmable time format (HH:MM/HH:MM:SS)

3000 hrs. battery life

Battery status on the display and Low battery indication

Shows both date and time

Shows last synchronization status