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Single Fluid System

Single Fluid System

When it comes to chemical reactions in production processes, the right temperature is critical and so accordingly, is the need for an appropriate heating/cooling solution.

For process engineers it is essential to find a compromise between yield quality and productivity.

Polmon’s Single Fluid Heating and Cooling Systems result in better and accurate heat transfer for sensitive processes.

Advantages of Single Fluid System

PID tuning is easy in multiple products’ plants

Effectively addresses the reaction kinetics

No leakage at process area – helps in maintaining a neat and clean plant

No temperature deviations

Corrosion-free operation

Cleaner operation

No cross-contamination of utilities

No steam traps at reactor

Centralized control

Accurate temperature control

No hot and cold spots – this in turn results in consistent product yields and quality – a regulatory requirement for APIs

Easy to maintain

Piping network is more aesthetic

No thermal shocks to reactor

Doubles the reactor life



Pyrophoric reactions (Grignard, Sodium & Alkali metals)

Multi product facilities (CRAMS)

High temperature reaction

Technical Specifications
Precise heating and cooling
Temperature Range
(-) 50 °C to 250 °C
Heat transfer fluid
MEG / Synthetic oils (Based on temperature range)
Type of Heat Exchanger
PHE / Shell and Plate / Shell and Tube or Electrical Heater
Utility Requirement
Steam, chilled water & chilled brine or with packaged utilities (Chiller & Electrical Heater)
MOC of Internal Piping
Mild steel / Carbon steel / SS304 or SS316 and Components
Type of Pumps
Seal or seal-less
System Accuracy
± 1 °C
Temperature Controller
PLC or Dedicated Controller
Graphical HMI (Display: 7", 10" & 12")
Data Recording
SCADA with Historian
Area of Classifications
Safe & hazardous area
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