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21 CFR part 11 Data Logging Software

PiSCADA - 21 CFR Compliant Web Based
Datalogging Software

PiSCADA is the latest offering from Polmon in Critical Process Parameter monitoring and logging. PiSCADA securely logs the data from proprietary as well as third party data loggers, stores in the inbuilt historian, and makes the data available over the web. Comprehensive Alarm Management and Audit Trails allow GxP events to be captured and reviewed by exception.

GAMP5 Compliant
Assured Data Integrity
Scheduled Backups & Reports
SMS / Email Alerts
Real Time Data Monitoring
Comprehensive Alarm Management & Audit Trails
Web Access
Advanced backup & Review


Web based architecture. This eliminates the need for installing client software on PC. PiSCADA can be accessed from any PC through a Chrome browser.

PiSCADA application is full-fledged with all 21 CFR Part 11 requirements and incorporates the latest Computer System Validation Requirements outlined on GAMP5.
a) Audit trail review
b) Backups and restore
c) User account deactivate
d) Access control/User management

If any parameter excursions occur in the application that can be displayed with color indication in the application and also in reports.

Data logger can store 17 days of data, this data can be automatically back-filled to the PiSCADA application

Online and offline data can be viewed.

No limitation for the creation of users.

Reports are generated automatically by the scheduler and these reports can be sent through email.

SMS alerts

Email alerts.


Graphical View


User Management


Audit Logs

Sms Alerts

Email Alerts