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Multi Loop Controller – MLC 41

Multi Loop Controller – MLC 41


Low cost Multi Loop Controller provides easy process configurability and robust control capability.

Incorporates features from decades of POLMON’s instrumentation & process control experience in the Pharma manufacturing Industry.

Prevents Contamination issues with automated valve interlocking and built-in control

Capacitive Touch keys operation

Optimized to include commonly used ready to call functions

Level control

Dead band control

ON / OFF control

Inbuilt PI control

Provides 2 direct input channels for RTDs in addition to 4-20mA Analog Input for process value feedback

3 Analog Input, Two Analog Output channels, 10 Digital Input and 5 Digital Output Channels

Can be ordered with Flame Proof (FLP) enclosure for use in Ex zones, Clean rooms and with Stainless Steel enclosures for outdoor installations

Multi Loop Controller MLC41 is an advanced micro-controller based Control System that can be used to measure process parameters such as temperature & any 4-20mA analog input and provide configured control outputs

The unit can be programmed for On/Off & PI control methods with field configurable Input & Output logic configuration

Programmable Baud rate selection (9600/19200/38400)

User friendly Keyboard Display interface: 7-Segment display for process values & LCD for diagnostic messages

Multiple Digital Inputs (DI) for level switches & feedback from pumps or valves

Digital Outputs (DO) for controlling valves & pumps

All DOs & AO can be configured to operate either in Auto or Manual mode

Dual Analog Output (AO) for Retransmission or proportional valve control

User friendly local software calibration facility for instrument & sensor

Non volatile Flash memory for storing program parameters

Enhanced hardware debugging incorporated for Relays & AOs


Individual OUTPUT ON /OFF

PI selection for Proportional valve control

PV Retransmission

Dead Band

Dual Set


Levels Switch

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