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Parallel Synthesis Reactors

Parallel Synthesis Reactors

Wide range of interchangeable vessel sizes and shapes

Magnetic & overhead stirring

Automate recipe management and data logging

Temperature range of -30°C to 150°C

Independent control of 4 blocks

PiLab control


4x output with 4 independent reactors, well suited for DOE campaigns

Replaces inefficient, messy, unsafe oil and ice baths

Reduces manual errors

Compact design saves laboratory space


21CFR compliant PiLab

Single or parallel synthesis

Process development

Design of experiments(DOE)

Scale up

Peptide chemistry

Supercritical fluid separation

Network Architecture


Independent control of 4 blocks at different temperatures

Temperature Range of -30°C to 150°C

4 Independent reactions can run at same time

Wide selection of vessels ranging from 0.5ml to 250ml (non jacketed)

Vessel types such as vials, tubes, round bottom flasks and process vessels

Built-in magnetic stirrer, overhead stirrer will provide excellent agitation for viscous liquids

Precise temperature measurement by using Pt100 temperature sensor

0.1°C/min to 2°C/min ramp rate in heating and cooling process

Export experimental profiles and results via Ethernet connection

Compact bench top footprint - fumehood compatible

Control mode: block, mass and ΔT control

pH measurement option for each block

Removable inserts for easy change of reaction vessels

Monitor and control through PiLab

Profile control - 10 segments