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Hot Oil System

Hot Oil System

In Pharma & Chemical reactions, as per the process product need to be heated to High Temperatures between 120 Deg C to 350 Deg C. Distillation Process also need the Product Temperatures to be maintained between 120 Deg C to 350 Deg C.

To meet these Process requirements Polmon Designed and Manufactured Hot Oil System for better and accurate Heat Transfer.


Both with Steam and Electrical Heater

Thyristor based Control

Safety Interlocks

Minimum Temperature deviations

Cleaner Operations

Accurate Temperature Control

Technical Details

Temperature : 120 Deg C to 350 Deg C

Temperature Accuracy : +/- 1 Dec C

Reactor Volume: 50 Ltrs to 5 KL

Skid Mounted System

Flame Proof System

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