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Multi Loop Controller – MLC 46

Multi Loop Controller – MLC 46


MLC46 Multi loop controller is designed to measure & control the process parameters like Temperature, Pressure, Level etc to meet the process control requirements.

It incorporates 8 Analog Input (AI) channels, 32 Digital Input (DI) channels and 16 Digital Output (DO) channels which supports output type for relay, 4 Analog Output channels for 4-20mA for retransmission/ Control output (PI) and RS485 MOBUS RTU. It contains Touch keys and Alphanumeric LCD Display.


Capacitive Touch keys operation


Analog input type (4-20mA)-8no's

DO's (12no's-24V & 4no's-Potential free)

DI's (25no's-24V & 7no's 230V AC)

Quad 4-20mA output

Supports multiple DI & DO's for relay control outputs

4-20mA retransmission output or control output (PI) for Process Value / Set Value

Alphanumeric LCD display interface

Industrial standard high-speed RS485 communication for HMI

Industrial standard high-speed Ethernet communication for PLC/DCS/SCADA

Non-volatile Flash memory for storing program parameters

Hardware debugging incorporated for DI, DO, AI, AO

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