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Mobile-Solvent Dispensing & Dosing System

Mobile - Solvent Dispensing & Dosing System

Suitable for any type of solvent dosing into reactor. Single system can dose different types of liquids in Batch Production. Highly accurate Flow meter to measure the liquid. Zone IIA/IIB approved controller with HMI with finger tip selection of batch size and setting. Fully constructed in SS316 for corrosive liquids and environments.

Mobile Solvent system with precise flow measurement

Economical, yet easy to operate system for solvents and liquid dispensing.

Cam lock connectors for quick fit and eliminate solvent leakage in shop floor

All parts MOC is SS316, can be customized

No validation reports and compliance hassles

Anti static wheels


Direct Plug in Replacement to Analog Gauges with Digital Display

Works with AA, 1.5V, 4No's Duracell batteries

Assured Minimum 18 Months battery Life

Eliminate Position sensitiveness

Ensures long-term stability

Optional Clean Room compatible SS Flush Mountable Faceplate

Programmable filter Constant

Temperature compensated DP Measurement

Software Calibration