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RH & Temperature Indicator – RHT-71I

RH & Temperature Indicator


“RHT-711” is specially designed to meet requirements of Relative humidity and temperature measurement in Clean rooms and Process Industries.

It is designed as the most convenient user Instrument with respect to Process values display and programming modes.

The RHT-711 measures Relative Humidity, Temperature and Dew point and display on provided Inbuilt display as well transfers data to Data logger for data storage.



Pharmaceutical industry

Blood Banks


Cultivation of plants


Inbuilt RHT sensor which avoids cable between Transmitter and Indicator

OptoIsolated RS-485 Communication to transfer the data for storage

Dual display for displaying RH and Temperature Individually

Designed to mount on either Modular wall or RCC wall

Process value violations display indication

User selectable set limits for process value violations

Inbuilt Buzzer to provide audible Process value violation

Optional PLC Communication MODBUS protocol Interfacing

Software Calibration

Network Architecture

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