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Room Process Monitor – RHT76

Room Process Monitor

RHT76 With Time Display

RHT 76

“RHT76” is specially designed for Clean rooms to meet the requirement of Measurement, Display Relative Humidity, Temperature and Differential Pressure for meeting the Regulatory requirements in API’s & Formulations with Display of Time (HH:MM). It support MODBUS RTU / Ethernet TCP/IP for data logging solution.


Environmental Monitoring for Clean Rooms with Synchronized Clock

Data logging


1/2/3 Channel with Clock (for Hrs & Mins in 24 Hour Mode) Display with 0.8" Seven Segment Red LED Display

Wide range of Input Options for Remote Tx interface / Inbuilt Sensors

Time Synchronization with PLC/SCADA/DCS through RS-485/Ethernet communication

Programmable Set points for each parameter (HI/LO) for Visual and LED Announciation

User configurable (enable/disable) Inbuilt Buzzer to provide audible Process value violation

Option for Buzzer Acknowledgement and Snoozing

Process Value violation display indication

Password protected calibration & other programming modes

Software Calibration & Ranging through soft touch tactile keypad

User configurable (enable/disable) Inbuilt Relay (for Process Value) (1- NO, NC)

AHU ON/OFF, Trip Status

Relay Output with Programmable Acknowledgement and Snoozing

RS-485 MODBUS RTU Communication with Maximum of 31 devices

Ethernet MODBUS TCP/IP Communication

Optional 4-20mA O/P for single channel

Stand-alone mode with inbuilt clock in network failure condition

Clean Room compatible Concealed Enclosure (Depth 45 mm)

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