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Clean Room Monitor

Clean Room Monitor (CRM)

“CRM” is specially designed for Clean rooms to meet the requirement of Measurement, Display & Data logging of Relative Humidity, Temperature and Differential Pressure for meeting the Regulatory requirements in API’s & Formulations with Display of Time (for Hrs & Mins in 24Hour Mode).


Environmental Monitoring for Clean Rooms with Synchronized Clock

Data logging

Features :

1 / 2 / 3 Channel with Clock (for Hrs & Mns in 24 Hour Mode) Display with 4.3” TFT-LCD Colour Display / Graphical LCD / LED

Wide range of Input Options for Remote Tx interface / Inbuilt Sensors / Extended Inbuilt Sensor (up to 10 mtr).

Time Synchronization with PLC/ SCADA/ DCS through RS-485 communication.

User Selectable fixed / scrolling Screens (1 / 2 / 3 Parameters with or without Clock)

Programmable Set points for RH & Temp (High High / High/ Low/ Low Low) and DP (High/ Low) for Visual Annunciation.

User configurable (enable/disable) Inbuilt Buzzer to provide audible Process value violation.

Option for Buzzer Acknowledgement and Snoozing.

Password protected calibration & other programming modes.

Software Calibration & Ranging through soft touch tactile keypad.

User configurable (enable/disable) Inbuilt Relay (for Process Value) (1- NO, NC).

Relay Output with Programmable Acknowledgement and Snoozing.

Opto Isolated RS-485 Communication (Optional) to transfer the data for storage through Proprietary / MODBUS/ BACnet/ DNP3 Protocol.

MODBUS interface Max 31 Devices without Repeater.

Programmable Baud Rate selection 9600 / 19200 / 38400.

Optional 4-20mA O/P for single channel.

Stand-alone mode working clock in network failure condition.

Safe area applications with SS Faceplate, flush mount (Brick Wall / Modular Wall) and On Wall Mount for Clean Room Application.

Clean Room compatible Concealed Enclosure (Depth 45 mm).

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