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Wireless Differential Pressure Transmitter WiDP 57

Wireless Differential Pressure Transmitter



The Wireless Differential Pressure Transmitter is designed for EMS applications to meet the requirement of Measurement, Display & Data logging of Differential Pressure with Wireless data transmission to SCADA System via Central Base station.


Environmental Monitoring for Clean Rooms

Warehouse Data logging

Pharmaceutical Industry


Measurement & Data logging of Differential Pressure

Wireless interface for easy setup and data download

Selectable data Recording Time Interval: 1 to 255 min

Battery Life time-5 months @ 5min Tx interval

Remote configurable alarm and warning limits for Differential Pressure

Battery status monitoring & communication remotely

Power options: Replaceable batteries (AA)/ 24V AC/DC

Data logging of 524280 records (364 days with 1min interval)

Designed to mount on wall with inbuilt or extension probe

Network Architecture

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