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Differential Pressure Transmitter/Indicator – DPT52I-F

Differential Pressure Transmitter/Indicator


“DPT521-F” is specially designed to measure differential pressures in FLP environment for Zone1, Zone2 Gas Gr. IIA & IIB. Instrument is user friendly and easy to operate. Software calibration with Magnetic keys eliminates instrument opening in restricted area.

Ex "d" Certified DP Port

Concealed Modular Wall Flush Mount Design

Inbuilt DP Sensor


DP measurement in Hazardous area


Flame Proof Enclosure for Zone1, Zone2 Gas Gr.IIA, IIB

0.56", 3 Digit Seven Segment Red LED display

Programmable Set points (HI/LO) for Visual and LED Annunciation

Inbuilt DP Sensor

Software Calibration & Ranging through magnetic key

Password protected calibration & other programming modes

Opto Isolated RS-485 MODBUS RTU Communication (optional)

Analog output 4-20mA (optional)

Digital output for hooter interface

Clean Room compatible concealed modular wall flush mount enclosure (optional)

Network Architecture

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