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FLP Temperature Controllers

FLP Temperature Controllers

Variant # of channels RPM Control Replay Output 4-20mA Datasheet
DPI 10 S-F 1 X 1 X Datasheet
DPI 11-F 2 1 Datasheet
DPI 12-F 2 X 2 Datasheet

CIMFR certified flame-proof dual chamber enclosure

Dual channel indicator with relay control outputs and current retransmission

Analog inputs
- 4-20mA (Factory Configurable)

- 4-20mA retransmission output for process value
- Optional MODBUS interface to PLC/SCADA system
- 2 On/Off relays

Magnetic key operation for programming and calibration facilitates hassle-free maintenance

Password security to prevent unauthorized access

Status indication such as sensor failure, communication failure and Relay On/Off

4 Digit 7 segment RED LED display

VFD interface for RPM display and Control

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