Heat Transfer Systems

Single Fluid Heating and Cooling System

Ensuring the optimal temperature for chemical reactions in production processes is critical, and so is the need for a heating / cooling solution. It is essential that Process Engineers are able to strike a balance between yield quality and productivity. Over the years, Polmon, with its team of experts, has perfected the art of developing Single Fluid Heating and Cooling Systems for accurate heat transfer for processes. In Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturing, contrary to the traditional use of multiple utilities, single fluid heat transfer systems are advantageous. These systems can be designed even for specific applications and engineered, built at the client’s site.

Due to these factors, Single Fluid Heat Transfer Systems have gained importance in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries.

Advantages of Single Fluid Systems

Single Fluid Systems meet the latest regulatory norms on clean manufacturing and have low maintenance costs compared to conventional utility systems:

  • No leakage at process area (which helps in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene at the plant).
  • The operation is corrosion-free.
  • Cleaner operations.
  • No cross contamination of utilities.
  • No steam traps at reactor.
  • Centralized control.
  • Precise temperature control.
  • No hot and cold spots – this results in consistent product yields and quality – a regulatory requirement for APIs.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Piping network is more aesthetic.
  • No thermal shocks to reactor.

Applications of Single Fluid Systems

A Single Fluid Heat Transfer System is normally connected to a single reactor and it helps in maintaining a constant temperature difference between the reactor mass and fluid temperature, which provides a precise control over heating and cooling rates. Thus, the temperature and the heating-and-cooling time are controlled as critical process parameters resulting in batch-to-batch consistency and a higher yield of the product. Single Fluid systems can also been used for an entire plant with multiple reactors. In case of multi-reactor plants, we offer single fluid skids with different header temperatures that are then used in conjunction with reactor automation for temperature control.

A single fluid system is most useful in very high temperature reactions, as the reactor mass temperature needs to be brought down slowly to the room temperature, after the reaction. Gradual cooling is feasible only by maintaining a constant temperature difference between the mass and the jacket, which can be precisely done with our Single Fluid System.