The pharmaceutical industry relies on the precision and accuracy of analytical instruments to obtain valid data for research, development, manufacturing and quality control.

Polmon has extensive experience designing and delivering superior Monitoring, Controlling and Data Logging instruments. Polmon’s products for the Life Sciences industry include:

  • Various models of Temperature indicators and sensors, Online pH and Conductivity systems, Data loggers, Water Level controllers, and so on for safe and hazardous areas
  • All types of Temperature Indicators and Sensors, Flow / Pressure / Level / RPM indicators and controllers for the Preparation step
  • Clean Room Monitors for measurement & data logging, to provide real time trends, GLP compliant and reports alarm modification features
  • Flow / Pressure / Level / Vacuum indicators & controllers and Online pH systems for the Synthesis Reaction step
  • Computer vision based Auto Melt Melting Point apparatus to detect melting point.

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