Science and Technology have created a world so seamless, that the litmus test facing any corporate is its capability to deliver anywhere, any time. Customization is another key factor that separates the efficient from the also-rans. At Polmon, we have compiled a skills and equipment base that can be rescaled to meet any requirement within a short turnaround time. Having over two decades’ real time experience in the instrumentation industry, we are today poised to take on futuristic projects that need ‘a new way of thinking,’ anywhere in the country.

We have developed unmatched prowess in the areas of:

  • Automation: Consultancy, design, documentation, build, test, supply, install, validate, training services for automation turnkey solutions
  • Instruments: Pioneer in temperature measurement and clean room equipment
  • Services: Calibration / validation services & Certification services
  • SFHTS: Developed a unique single fluid for heating & cooling applications
  • Medical Devices: Designing, developing, manufacturing and developing
    documentation services